# Man

# Content and philosophy

Chishiki, 「知識, ちしき」, is a japanese word for "knowledge". It is relevant to how I consider this blog: a form of personal knowledge base, inspired by the trend of digital gardens, for connecting ideas and thoughts.

This blog contains thoughts on topics that I find interesting or that I am curious about, as well as knowledge and references to resources or links I have liked or used that helped me understand the topic or gain appreciation of it. It is also a way of sharing them with my close-ones, not-so-close-ones and complete strangers.

Below you will find a few notes on the structure of this blog and its philosophy.

If this is the first time visiting this blog, you can start by reading from the top entry down and see what sparks your interest.

# Blog Structure

Most blogs I see are organized chronologically. This can make them confusing and hard to read.

With this in mind, I decided that I'd much rather organize my blog like a manual page or a book - with "chapters" and "subchapters". Hence, this blog is organized by topics I am interested in.

Each folder in the left panel refers to a topic. Each subpage is related to the parent topic.

I try to structure things so everyone can find them and benefit from reading them easily and quickly.

If you find any mistake, especially if something is plain wrong, you can fork this repository and make a push request with the correct changes. Alternatively, you can open an issue specifying what you think is wrong.

# Analytics

I use Plausible Analytics. Plausible.io is an open source, no cookie, GDPR complaints, powered by an European-owned and hosted cloud infrastructure. It does not make any connection to the adtech industry, nor does it do any cross-site/device tracking. Said simply, it is a privacy friendly Google Analytics alternative.